In-game rules

This is a Survival and Economy server, we do not intend to tightly restrict players. Yet some rules are necessary to implement.

1. No Moding/Hacking

Any type of cheating is forbidden. This include but not limits to flying, god mode, x-ray, speeding, jump mods, macros etc.

2. No Advertising

Mentioning or Promotion of any non-server-related content is forbidden. This includes but not limits to links or textual message.

3. Respect all Players

We promote speech freedom, yet aggressively harassing other players is forbidden. This includes but not limits to speech or action.

4. No Builds Near Spawn

You can build near Spawn but not closely attached to Spawn or attempt to block any entrance.

5. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

This will not cause account termination, but spamming it constantly will do. If you need assistance, we’ll be there, but not for any items.

6. No Griefing

Destruction at non-protected areas are allowed, yet intentionally destroying others’ gameplay experience is forbidden. This includes but not limits to digging holes near Spawn, constantly destroying others creation in real-time etc.

7. Staff Impersonation

Impersonating staff in any ways is forbidden.

8. No Spamming

No constantly spamming in chat.

9. No Unapproved Links

No sharing or unapproved hyperlinks, this is to protect members from malicious websites.

10. No Offensive Builds, Names or Skins

No offensive content to anyone in any form such as racist.


Lightweight violates any of the above rules for the first time will receive a fines/warning.

Heavily violates any of the above rules may receive either a fines, warning, temporarily or permanent ban. This does not limit to the first attempt.

Fines: 1% of your total money.

Fines: >1% of your total money.