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[Sticky] Support us? Vote for us!  

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Vote for us, it prompts vote links, press T then click on the link. Make sure you enter your Minecraft player name to vote or else you can't receive the rewards. You'll be gaining $200, $50 or another $200 bonus and 1 point per vote on a server list site available in the vote menu.

/vote gui
Access the vote GUI, here you can access variety of things, check the timer for next voting chance, open the vote coins shop and more.

/vote shop
Access the vote points shop directly, some most of the items have limited purchase frequency per day/week/month.

/vote help
View all vote related commands.

Why voting?

Our operating expenses types:
- Web Server
- Minecraft server
- Advertisement

By voting for us, it raises our server list ranking, enables more players to discover our server to increase the player base. Hence, we can spend less on advertising.

Most importantly, you can support our advertising cost without actually paying us.

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Posted : 17/05/2020 12:54 am
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