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Updated on 15 May 2020 as of Lands system updates

1. Respect:

Our staff works for free, our server operation cost paid by the owner, we didn't take a dollar from our players. Yet, players often have no respect towards our staff which really disappoint our passion to operate the server.

We reserve the rights to execute Warnings/Bans towards Rules no.3 - Respect all Players.

2. Responsibility:

Reading all the server information is the players' responsibility.

3. Griefing, PVP and more in the non-protected area are allowed:

PVP is included in survival gameplay of course. Though, we don't want to see extreme player conflict in the community. If you don't want to be interrupted, you should build somewhere far from the Spawnpoint, request Verify and request a Protected Area.

4. Unlimited Size of Protected Area:

It is a casual survival server, we provide unlimited protected area size that exceeds the limits. Refers to the instructions on Lands / Protected Areas / Regions.

5. The server is up 24 hours but that's doesn't refer to our staff:

It takes time to process your verification request or any lands assistant request. Our staff is a group of human beings who interested in Minecraft and willing to provide all these services for FREE, not a group of no life robots. Yet, we'll try our best to online as soon as we've free time.

6. We do not bear any loss:

Because of a non-protected land, a pending protected land assistant request, a pending verification request.

7. Before you complain:

Killing/Stealing in a protected area is not possible for a non-area member. Please verify with your protected area member/friends before reporting to admins.

8. Languages:

The main language on our server is English, sublanguage is Chinese. Yet, we provide as much Chinese translation as we can in-game and on our website.


1. 尊重:


我地保留行使規則第三條 - 尊重所有玩家而發出警告/禁令的權力。

2. 責任:


3. 非保護區進行破壞/殺害係容許既:


4. 無限大保護區:

呢個係一個休閒同生存Server,所以我地提供限制以上、無限大既保護區,需符合Lands / Protected Areas / Regions

5. Server會24小時上線,但不代表管理員24小時上線:


6. 我們均不承擔:


7. 投訴前:


8. 語言:


Rules / 規則:

Lands / Protected Areas / Regions / 保護區指引:

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