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Guide on earning in-game currency  

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There're several ways to earn in-game currency, you can either sell items, host auction, trading with other players or even AFK. Here is a guide based on my experience (as an owner), some players might have other interesting ways to earn it!


/sell hand (amount) - By typing this command, you're selling the item you're holding in your hand with the amount stated. If you did not state an amount, it will automatically sell everything of that item you're holding within your inventory.
Examples: /sell hand 1


/npca open - You can access the auction house through this command, visiting spawn point or visiting the shop! Simply press the green block, pick an item, answer the question about bidding amount, all done and wait for others to bid if it is attractive!


/pay (target player's nick) (amount of money) - By typing this command, you're paying a player with the indicated amount of money, make sure you have got a deal with the target player or you know what you're doing before you pay the others!
Examples: /pay PeterPan 100


The last method is to build something that can let you AFK and earning money at the same time! It can be a farm, a fishing machine, a Redstone machine then AFK or do your work nearby it!

Let me know if you've any other interesting way to earn money! 🤓 👍 

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Posted : 29/03/2020 8:11 pm
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