1. Activation email not found?

Please check your spam/junk folder in your mailbox in case the activation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, select the activation email and click Not Junk, which will allow future notification to get through.

2. How and what is [Verified]?

In order to optimize resources for loyal members only, a protected area privilege will only be given to members who registered on our website.

Once you’ve registered and successfully activated in our website, start a post here to verify your account. After verification, your in-game name’s title and Discord server user group will switch from [Unverified] to [Verified].



Yes, 3 (MAX 5 – rank up)








Basic Gameplay

Set Home

Access to Shop

Access to Weapon Shop

Claim Protection Area

Access to Vehicle Shop

Access to Dynamic Map




Yes, 3 (MAX 5 – rank up)



Yes, 5




3. How to contact us?

You can contact us by using in-game mail, Email, Website PM, Website Form, Discord Server, Facebook Page PM, Instagram PM.

Staff list can be found in here. You’re highly recommended to join our Discord server for easy communication.

In-game mail:
/mail send (player name) (content)
/mail read
/mail clear

[email protected]

Website PM:
Go to any staff’s profile, click “Private Message”. Please note that you’ll need to register in the site to send a Website PM.

Discord Server:

Facebook Page:


4. How to claim a protected area?

You must be [Verified] in order to request a protected area for your creations.

/lands help will display a list of lands related command. Detailed guide is here.

You can claim a maximum of 5 regions.

Lands size is unlimited, the initial claim with default size cost $4000, every extra chunk expanding cost $1500.

5. Server is down?

Our Minecraft Server’s scheduled restart time is HKT 1 AM every day, you might be logging in/playing during the short period of the restart. Simply reconnect after couples of minutes.

If the server is down during non scheduled time, please stay updated to Website/Discord announcement, maintenance may be in-progress.

Contact an OP if neither these are happening.

6. What is the usage of this website?

Our official website mainly will post the latest updates regarding our Minecraft server.

Moreover, it enables members to communicate through our Web Blog or other features.

Most importantly, it allows players in our Minecraft server to verify through a register in here, to prove they’re loyal members and enjoy protection area privileges.

7. Why I can't send a forum PM?

The minimum requirement for sending a forum PM is 1 forum post, usually, it will be your Request [Verified] forum post.